Just Journaling

Have you ever had a day when you knew that God was just blessing you. I mean, when month-long prayers come to fruition and you seem to float on air and your face glows and everybody notices.

Well this has been one of those merciful weeks, when God speaks and you think hmm, have I been faithful, is my life pleasing to Him? It started last week Sunday, while studying my Sunday School lesson, Experiencing True Worship, and yes there is false idolistic worship. The lesson challenged me to worship, acknowledge God for who he is. And at one time my true worship was mornings drives to work with music and other times was dancing in the living room to music. I’m neither a songster or a dancer, but Scripture tells us we must sing and dance for the Lord. Remember David in the lion cloth.

If you notice, I did say at one time. What had happen was i began to plan and plan and my mind was full of list and things to do at work, in my home, at church, on the computer and with my writing. I just seemed to stop focusing on Jesus and God’s Word. Of course I was always thankful and was mindful to say those quick prayers, but I was not experiencing true worship.

And that comes with being willing to be in God’s will and follow His plan. Being obeident and faithful to God. For me to lay down my planning head, and I can plan months even years in advance, was a hard pill to swallow. I could only swallow that pill byGod’s grace and just living by faith.

In the Reader to Reader section of angchronicles I mention the book “Lord Change Me.” I this book the author often tells her bible study or prayer group to read a section of the Bible until God speaks. In other words until a word or phrase speak to your situation. Well this morning while reading “Lord Change Me,” I decided to read until a phrase rattled me, and that phrase was 1Peter 1:15, Be Holy because I am Holy. Why? When trying to decide which way to turn, I need to remember that if I am being Holy because God is Holy then I am on the right path or need to turn and get back on track. Ironically that verse was then repeated in Sunday morning sermon and again in Sunday School.

As my Sunday School teacher says, there are days when God is blessing me so well I can’t imagine that he has time for anyone else.