Just 15 minutes

Writer mama says write in 15 increments especially if your life is busy with work, children, community services, and a family life. So, today is the day I’ll see what happens in 15 minute increments. that includes this entry. An entry that I did not expect to write. I did not expect to write since I was only checking my email and recieved my first comment for my blog. This weekend while footloose and fancy free with friends in VT we discussed blogs and blogging. I recommended wordpress.com Why? WordPress has categories and is easy to access. If you’re a blogger on blogspot you can export your information to wordpress.org, but not visa versa. WordPress has an awesome blogroll and when someone comments, an e-mail alerts to offering you options to delete or accept the comment. Comments are important to keep up the blog system. I need to visit my friend’s blog. She has been sending me updates but life seems to get busy and my e-mails get shoved in a read review file that is not three months long. Long is what I would say about the attempt to write for 15 minutes unexpectedly as this trying to connect the next sentence with the last word.