Midday inspiration

Wednesday afternoon juggling too many projects and answering too many interruptions. My fingers click across keyboard and cell phone keys, my head booms and my body stiffens. “I must get out of this chair,” is what I think, but do not do. I swapped my morning walk for an hour of research for a newly assigned article, due in less than 24 hours. Happy for the work; angry for missing my walk and skipping my 15 minute journal entry I continue to surf the internet.

An email fades into the corner of the screen. I hesitate. I click. I’m invited to explore South Bay Community Church audio files. (I’ve been corresponding with the director of the marketing department on a project.) I visit the website and click on media and then choose an audio file. “Why am I here?” Sure I can listen while I work.

The next 30 minutes, I’m mesmerized and awed as Rev. Long begins in a calm teachable tone, “Look beyond yourself. You can’t understand your purpose in life by starting with you.” I turn from the keyboard to my journal; I can feel seeds of tidbits coming my way.

Planting my pen to paper, “A creator creates things for her pleasure.” I think a chef cooks a meal to please a foodie’s palate; a novelist creates a story to entertain her audience. Rev. Long continues. “If God made us for His pleasure, what must we do to bring Him pleasure.? Establish a meaningful relationship with Him. Make an energetic use of your talents, gifts and skills for the best interest of the world.”

And then I smiled when he said, “God doesn’t care what I do but how I do what I do”…that brings God pleasure. To be fair, honest, have integrity for human kindness.

My midday inspiration helped me put a nagging question on the shelf, “What does God want from me?”

I don’t know about you, but there are times in the midst of all the busyness, I just want to stop. There are times in the midst of the chaos, I wonder “God are you watching me, do you see what’s happening here.” Yes He does, He created me for His pleasure not mine.