Finding time for me

It’s the second day of June and I’ve planned to make no more commitments  for this month. That’s something new for me. Usually I say “yes”, and then each day becomes more stressful as I’m planning ways to do things for me in between commitments to others. Now, I can be a workaholic, but sometimes something or someone suffers due to my zealous need to meet all demands–and those demands stretch far and wide between church, community and home life, let me not forget calling my mother and meeting with my girlfriends.

So, how do I find time for me: journaling, walking, reading, creative writing, seeing a movie, relaxing at a spa or shopping for much needed new items in my wardrobe?

A few years ago, I took a time management workshop, via phone for 22-weeks. Then I thought I was organized, however I discovered, I was focusing all my energies in one area of my life.  Therefore, I learned to plan my day and my to do list by remembering Habit 7 of Highly Effective People: Sharpening the Saw.

To sharpen one’s saw simple means to take care of yourself by balancing four areas of your life: physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual. It goes like this:

  • Physical: The way you eat, exercise and rest
  • Social/Emotional: How you make social and meaningful connections with others
  • Mental: What you decide to learn, read, write, and teach
  • Spiritual: When you spend time in nature, expanding spiritual self-through prayerful mediation, music, art, and service.

Jesus did it. He walked along the shore, dined with friends, escaped to the mountain top to be alone, and prayed.

So, for the month of June, I plan to sharpen my saw with an afternoon lunch with friends, a weekend journal writing conference, strength training at least three days a week,  and completing a 25-day devotional Woman of God, Blooming in God’s Garden, which I’ve had tucked in my Bible cover since 2006 and just started on May , 20081 and read up Day 12.

Take the challenge with me, start today and sharpen your saw. Make time for you! First!