A inch away from saying ‘yes’

The evening of June 1, I received a phone call, “Angela, can you help me promote the building fire fund raising event?”

You guessed it, I said, “Yes,” without even thinking that my June plate was full. Why? The building that was destroyed by fire was the new site for our new church and we were thrilled with a move in date of October 2008. (Sorry can’t go into more details here, the site is still under investigation and church members have been asked not share unknown facts.)

However, my over zealousness threw me off balance and within 24 hours sharpening my saw was impossible. I looked at the calendar and the commitments and the time frames. I took another step back and reanalyzed, I could help, but with more time and more planning for an event in August opposed to June.

It goes to show me, I never plan to fail I can simply fail to plan, especially when dealing with emotions.

So I have to..

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