Six days have passed

Who would have guessed, that one could become a fan of blogging? I have to admit I wasn’t so sure I would keep up with angchronicles, especially since I never know whose reading my post. However, that is the life of any writer, you get your stories, essay, books, poems published but whose actually reading your words? And are your words encouraging or are they simply blah, blah, blah.

Well, it has been six days since I’ve last blogged and blog entries are floating around in my head. It’s just like when I haven’t journaled for a few days, and then I spend hours pen to paper in some remote part of my house at either 5 a.m. or minutes past midnight. Of course, I can’t possibly blog that long, because angchronicles is not one of the private deep dark diary type entries.

Have you ever had an inkling to try something new and then once you got started, it really felt good and you enjoyed?