At a lost for words

Books are like rollercoasters

Books are like rollercoasters

For the moment, yep, I’m at a lost for words. Those long streaming entries are still lost in my head without getting to the blog page. I have to admit, though, my striped journal is filling up. I guess, I have no public thoughts to share at this moment.

Well, when I think about it, I have been reading quite a lot of books and magazines and e-newsletters. Sometimes in depth other times scanning. I have grown quite fond of Ellen Hopkins, fiction author and poet. According to the experts publishers and editors are looking for new and interesting forms of young adult novels and Hopkins happens to be one of those authors with more than one New York Times Best-selling title. So, I checked out Crank and Glass and was enthused with the poetry and its form, of course the main  character Bree/Kristina kept me on her monster roller coaster. Both books were fast reads, especially for the writer whose looking for a new way to present material.

During the fall semester, I taught a six-week journaling/memoir class and  read The Glass Castle by Jeanette glass-castle12Walls, MSNBC columnist who chronicles her extremely poor, nomadic childhood  and A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah, one of the African children forced to fight in the Sierra Leone war. Both stories were riveting, candid and chilling. One difference between reading memoir and fiction: in a memoir the reader knows the character lives, because they wrote the book; however it’s how they survive that keeps you turning pages.

After the election, I received a beautiful article in the online “Los Angeles Times” about an 87-year-old butler who has worked for eight presidents in the White House and how marvels at a new White House.

So although,since my last entry I’ve been at a lost for words with not to much to say, reading other people’s words has kept me fulfilled.

Until the next time I have ‘something to say.’