Just wanted to say

that I have been procrastinating coming to angchronicles because I’ve invested in a Blackberry 30 days ago and finally connected to Facebook. I have new gadgets in my life and am really enjoying them.

My Blackberry has forced me to change my calendar from Outlook to Google teaching me that I can tackle technology and not get stuck in one mode. In addition my daughter insisted I get fb. I already had an account but no reason to join the social networking game. Now, I’m hooked on Farmville (level 16) and have a few friends that I stay in contact with.

Gadgets are not so bad. Did I fail to mention that I’m also addicted to Word Mole on the Blackberry and up to level 8.

With my new gadgets I’m actually writin more. I only 7,000 words short of the NaNoWrMo contest, which ends Nov. 30. I have been committed to writing every morning, sometimes in the evenings and at long stretches on weekends.

A great feeling all do to gadgets.