Just wanted to say

that I have been procrastinating coming to angchronicles because I’ve invested in a Blackberry 30 days ago and finally connected to Facebook. I have new gadgets in my life and am really enjoying them.

My Blackberry has forced me to change my calendar from Outlook to Google teaching me that I can tackle technology and not get stuck in one mode. In addition my daughter insisted I get fb. I already had an account but no reason to join the social networking game. Now, I’m hooked on Farmville (level 16) and have a few friends that I stay in contact with.

Gadgets are not so bad. Did I fail to mention that I’m also addicted to Word Mole on the Blackberry and up to level 8.

With my new gadgets I’m actually writin more. I only 7,000 words short of the NaNoWrMo contest, which ends Nov. 30. I have been committed to writing every morning, sometimes in the evenings and at long stretches on weekends.

A great feeling all do to gadgets.

2 thoughts on “Just wanted to say

  1. I do not plant in such a way to use the tractor or fuel options. I like to plow for decorative purposes instead. Now, the big deal is the fuel gifts, etc. I have been sent lots of fuel and continue to open my Christmas gifts and find fuel that is of no use to me! I can’t even sell it! Is there anything I can do? Also, any chance we might be able to purchase more than one coop in the future?

    • I would think the future holds the possibility of purchasing more coops, since we have the ability to feed our neighbors chickens and we can earn ribbons based on eggs found.

      As far as fuel…well here’s my two coins; since fuel can only be purchased with farm cash, then one couldn’t sell it for coins. However, you could purchase another vehicle (harvester or seeder) and use up your fuel that way. I hope that helps.

      Would love to see what your farm looks like; plus I need three more neighbors to earn the red ribbon for neighbors. Interested.. if so send me a message on fb…angela.batchelor2@verizon.net.

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