Students, what r they thinking?

Amazingly, when professors and instructors gather, they chat about students. Despite the subject, educators are concerned that their students are not learning and are careless about earning grades.

I’ve learned earning and getting grades seem to be the same, for freshmen; although not. Many freshmen will say “I tried hard,” “I put my best effort in that paper”; yet that doesn’t constitute an ‘A’. It’s showing up, following directions, and being accountable.

More than anything, freshmen most realize high school is over and professors will not give grades and pass, at least we hope not, student based on looks, smiles and or complements.

Yet, we all want one thing…for our students to excel, to be accountable.

One thought on “Students, what r they thinking?

  1. Angela:

    I thought I’d stop by and see how my friend is doing these days. I’m glad your semester is over.

    Hope you and the girls are doing okay. Bravo to you for doing the National novel in tha month challenge. You’re ever amazing.

    All’s well here. Justin is home for the holidays…we are enjoying his company.

    What are you doing for the holidays? We are off to Westchester on Christmas Eve and out to Long Island on Christmas Day.

    On Martin Luther King’s B-day, I volunteered to help out at a food kitchen in the Bowery. I want to remind myself to always count my blessings and give back.


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