The Storm

Never underestimate the storm; only know how to row through it. At 9:00am this morning, my mother and I rejoiced at the great plans we saw before us. We connected in a special way that often doesn’t happen until mother and daughter have been through similar storms.

Over the phone, my mother reminded me that count it all joy and to remember that when you stop playing on the side of evil, the storm rushes in, floods your boat, weighs you down, soaks your plans. But you have to hold on and remember whose you are and who you serve.

The day moved along steadily with many wonderful final Christmas treasures for my girls. I praised the Lord from Poughkeepsie to Newburgh and back to Fishkill.

And then, I sat to relax–play Farmville–when the storm drenched me from head to toe. I couldn’t catch my breath. I exhaled and gulped down a mass of water. I choked. I coughed. I, momentarily, grew teary eyed. I listened to the noise, the wind, the sorrow whirl around me. Chills slivered down my spine.

As I settled into the storm, riding the waves, I remember the verse I posted on Facebook this morning: I know who holds the future, And I know who holds my hand; With God things don’t just happen–Everything by Him is planted.

To help me row the boat in the storm the ever true: I know not by what methods rare The Lord provides for me, I only know that all my needs He meets so graciously. What God promises, God will provide.