what does one really say

Just sitting here reading my second student essay, wondering if she plagiarized, and dreading the process of searching the Web to uncover my suspicions.
The one aspect of that steady paycheck that I am not thrilled about. Why would a student cheat? For this particular student its all about getting an A, so she can transfer. For the student I caught weeks ago, juggling too many task and adapting to America.
Whatever the reason cheating on a paper, your spouse, your taxes, your diet give little leverage to your integrity. And sure each of us have cheated on something or somebody for any number of reasons. Yet the result is always the same: embarrassment and shame.
Therefore, put your best foot forward, use what you know and don’t cheat. It’s trifling.

still pondering things

That I should let go. Wondering if I will mentally grasp the concept of exercise as part of my lifestyle again. I read in a morning devotion, we think about past events: successes and failures, but we should not linger there. Instead know God has ended that journey to teach us and show us what he wanted something better for us.
So as I lament the death of my relationship with All Sport, creme de la creme of health clubs, I await newness. And I will shout to the world that the God I serve always delivers the unexpected, which is better than expected.

just thinking

That I should get back to prayer journaling, exercising, creative writing, reading, and planning: sharpening my saw.
Once upon a time I was obsessed with Steven Covey’s concept of sharpening the saw: spiritual, physical, mental/emotional, and social. Those days were consumed with attending bible study and prayer groups, running and weight lifting, reading about writing, writing, and lunching with friends.
Nowadays, (6 months +) I have not consistently exercised and have gained 10 pounds. I don’t write; I’m too busy grading papers and preparing lessons. Although, if it had not been for sharpening the saw (STS) yesterday, today I would not be grading papers for a steady paycheck.
When I think about STS, my prayer life, my relationship with God, my mother, and my best friend have improved.
Therefore, I should look forward to STS if I just stick to the plan (which I started 6 weeks earlier): 3 days a week, 30 minutes a day exercise my body and my creative writing muscle.
Let’s see what happens…as I rejoice in writing this blog entry.