just thinking

That I should get back to prayer journaling, exercising, creative writing, reading, and planning: sharpening my saw.
Once upon a time I was obsessed with Steven Covey’s concept of sharpening the saw: spiritual, physical, mental/emotional, and social. Those days were consumed with attending bible study and prayer groups, running and weight lifting, reading about writing, writing, and lunching with friends.
Nowadays, (6 months +) I have not consistently exercised and have gained 10 pounds. I don’t write; I’m too busy grading papers and preparing lessons. Although, if it had not been for sharpening the saw (STS) yesterday, today I would not be grading papers for a steady paycheck.
When I think about STS, my prayer life, my relationship with God, my mother, and my best friend have improved.
Therefore, I should look forward to STS if I just stick to the plan (which I started 6 weeks earlier): 3 days a week, 30 minutes a day exercise my body and my creative writing muscle.
Let’s see what happens…as I rejoice in writing this blog entry.