It’s been a long time

Months have passed as I have tried to blog. But I’ve had nothing to say. A bit stifled because I’m getting, going through a divorce. And as a writer, I know that I can only write candid, truthful and authentic; therefore, it has been best that I not write at all. Yet, now that I am in a different place–literally and physically- I’m writing more and ever so overcommitted with my writing.

Angela relaxing at Crow's Cafe in VT

My writing energy amassed when chosen as the DCC Featured Writer for the month of October. My exhibit in the Writing Center showcased my work on the themes of motherhood, facing the death of loved ones, and embracing one’s roots. On Thursday, Oct. 28, I gave a reading: read essay about embracing my southern roots and then the first chapter of my novel, which takes place in the south. Of course, the video crew forgot the tape; therefore sans an online reading for my readers. I did think about that.

After the audience asked for more, I knew then that I had to continue. What a buzz to talk about writing, to share my concepts, my life as a working writer. The last twelve months in academia left me drowning the sea of grading papers; I thoroughly enjoyed it though. Yes, I’m a sadomasochist of the English and writing discipline. And click here to see how much I love the classroom.

So, here I am unblocked, ready to start blogging, once a week, and in love.