Still thinkin

List of quotes, aha moments, and sayings that affirm and confirm one’s surroundings:

1. God will not apologize for destroying Sodom and Gormorrah; so He will not tolerate same sex relationships and man made rules to unite these couples as one.

2. A leap of faith means not becoming a prisoner of memories; regret is an illogical emotion.

3.Divorce simply offers enlightenment: to take responsibly for your faults and to show your strengths. Sometimes those faults, seen through another’s eyes, are your strengths–diluted.

4.Loving someone means seeing them for who they are not who you want them to be.

5.Can we label life’s circumstances as good or bad? For example you plan a car trip, and the car breaks down. You take the car to the mechanic and he says good thing you brought the car in or it would have caught on fire. Bad for inconvenience or good for protection? Maybe you reconnected with an old flame. Three months of text messages, last night phone calls, and facebook chatting. One weekend jaunt leads to a eight-days of living together. On the ninth and tenth day, you realize this is not the person you want to spend your life with. Is it bad because dreams were not fulfilled, or good because God directed your vision?

6. I have trusted in your mercy. Psalm 13:5

7. Breaking up is hard on the person who makes the decision.

8. Marriages come and go, but divorce last forever.