Celebrating Black History: Malcolm X?

After reading the Autobiography of Malcolm X, Dr. Manning Marable realized something about Malcolm’s life was missing. He said, in a speech at Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie, NY, that the autobiography depicts departure from Muslim Mosque Inc and the Organization of African American Unity (OAAU) in which Malcolm founded. He was right: three chapters were missing. And, Marable invested 11 years of his life unfolding the truth about those missing pages.

He discovered (and so much more):

Malcolm X carefully crafted his physical life so that he could connect to black people. In The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley, the story indicates Malcolm as illiterate. In reality, he came from a well-educated family: his mother spoke French and English and his father was a baptist minister.

Unlike Dr. Martin Luther King, who did not pit black against white, Malcolm did. Malcolm put white people on the defensive with means of increasing black pride: self respect and awareness of heritage.

Malcolm X believed we, black leaders, are the leaders that,we, black people are looking for. Remember our black leaders are not here to solve the problem but motivate and increase knowledge of self through history.

Malcolm X’s legacy was not established in the US with his picture on a stamp in the 90’s, but in Iran by the Iranian government in the 80’s.

A tradition of murder amongst black leaders in our country: too many years pass and too much information is hidden before the truth is told.

After this note, I wondered who really killed the iconic legend. And according to Dr. Marable he has uncovered the truth.

If you want to know, his book “Rediscovering Malcolm X: A life of Reinvention” (Penguin)hits the stands April 4, 2011.

This book is biographical, historical, social,and political.

Dr. Manning thank you for stepping back from your life to write objective truth.