Faithwalk: Is it time to move?

“You’re moving again,” he said. “You just moved in.”
“Well, a house is like a boyfriend,” she said.
“How so?” he asked.
“In the beginning it’s an ideal fit. I love the nuances, the cozy spots, the cool summer days, and warm winter nights. Then a few months, even a few years go by, and breakdown begins: flooding, ants, unmanageable lawn care, high heating bills, cold lonely nights.
“Now I still love the house, and I could put forth effort to fix it, deal with the problems, get expert help with the situations. However, if there is a way out before owning the house, (marrying the man), investing more time with the house (the man) that means run like the wind, sail on, flee as soon as possible.”
“Are you trying to tell me something?” he asked.
She smiled.

Sometimes the simple things show us the strength of our faith.