Faithwalk: Slumming in Silence

Slumming; taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon on the couch.

Often times the days are busy from the moment we open our eyes to the moment we lay down to sleep. Go. Go. Go. Last week my cousin Joyce, a super mom with a full-time travelling job, three children, and a husband, posted on her Facebook status that when she woke up she didn’t want to go to work. And we’ve all been there. Of course, I commented. She’s needs a slumming day in silence. One of those days in which you wear your pajamas all day, sleep as late as you can, wake eat, watch a movie, eat a pint of ice cream, take a nap, read a book or a magazine. The key is to allow yourself a day off  to think in silence, or simply not think, to work on a project that brings you pure pleasure and allows you to stay home.

Slumming in silence is a day we all need. Life is too short to go, go, go, go. Now, someone is thinking: really? How can I do that, take a day off? Here’s a few simple tricks to planning your day of slumming in silence.

First, you are not the most important person in the world, so stuff will get done whether you do it or not.

Secondly, if you don’t do it today, it will get done tomorrow.

Third, plan the day. Remember the adage failing to plan is planning to fail. Well, plan your slumming day just as you would a doctor’s appointment, a lunch with a friend or coworker, or a business meeting. Look at the calendar, and take note of those floating holidays, regular scheduled one-day holidays, Saturday or Sunday.

Next make a mental note and a physical note to yourself that you are taking a slumming in silence day. It’s like preparing for vacation. You look forward to getting away.

And then be true to yourself, let nothing interrupt your day. Not even you. Staying at home does not mean cleaning the house: vacuuming, laundry, cooking, dusting. However some times it does mean turning off your cell phone, and not checking email, Twitter or Facebook.

Finally, tell a friend so you are accountable. Eventually slumming in silence will become a part of your monthly routine.

So, let me know when you plan and succeed at your Slumming in Silence Day.

3 thoughts on “Faithwalk: Slumming in Silence

  1. I must really like this post for catnip’s logo appeared twice upon the click. Whether it will stay that way is yet to be seen. Love your title and what a great idea. . .especially leaving email, Twitter or Facebook on the back burner even if for only one day. Now it’s all about putting it into action. . .

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