Faithwalk goes on a 33 Day Prayer Journey

33-days of prayer

When I get an idea, the idea seems to haunt me for a few days. I’m driving it pops into my head. While reading, a word or phrase on the page stands out: another germ of my idea. During a conversation, pieces of my idea leap from the other person’s mouth. And if it’s one thing I’ve learned on this faithwalk, nothing is new under the sun; however, if you don’t capture and execute your ideas to the fullest extent someone else will.

Here’s the idea: 33 days of prayer on Facebook and Twitter, and weekly prayers at angchronicles during the 33 days. If it’s one thing all people need and want it’s prayer. Even someone who doesn’t believe in God, doesn’t attend church, or read the Bible knows when trouble is in amidst call on someone who knows how to call on Jesus in fervent and righteous prayer, not that vain petition: me, me. Let’s not forget, when the weakest among us pray, oh, the enemy shakes in his boots.

Join me for 33-days of prayer, Shout amen, sing praises, hit the Like button, retweet, comment, add a prayer. Let’s just prayer together: “For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”

21 thoughts on “Faithwalk goes on a 33 Day Prayer Journey

  1. Ang, I commented on the first day but the comments are not appearing. Anyway, I have passed the word – Tweeted, posted to fb, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinned and Scooped:>)

    • Micki,
      For 33 days the I will post a prayer on Facebook< Twitter and WordPress. Upon reading the prayer, you can comment with another prayer, amen, or thank you Lord, press the like button, or retweet. Yes, continual prayer like waterfalls.

    • Yes, power in numbers. During a dinner conversation, the discussion surrounded the 120 in the upper room and despite the differences these people of God were on one accord. Praying for our people, our nation, our communities, our families.

  2. Be careful now. This habit could change your life, your walk, and those around you.
    Don’t just give happy prayers, either. God wants to hear all of our emotions, just like the Psalmists did. Give it all you’ve got!

    • Oh Wade, happiness is just a situational condition, and in these times happy prayers will just not do. Thank you for the reminder,because the prayer journey is about going to the heart of things. Yes, Psalmists prayers. Lord, give me your words, so the prayer 33-day prayer journey can have all you give me. Thanks for your prayers, Wade.

  3. Ang, I have sent out numerous emails and posted your 33 day journey to Twitter, FB, Google+ and LinkedIn. This is such a wonderfully spirit-filled idea!

  4. How the Lord does work indeed! I set a goal last February to read through my Bible. I completed the task in August. Of course, when completed, the habit was so ingrained I could not go a day or night without its reading. I decided to go through, not necessarily in chronological order this time, but for more in depth understanding. I just have not been able to establish a new goal. I even found a daily devotional book given to me at some point in time but it just did not hit me the way I needed. Then, here you come with this wonderful 33-day prayer journey. I am hooked! Will run the gamut with its posting and forwarding!

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