Faithwalk: Has Prayer Changed You?

ImagePrayer is an absolute must. Some prayer out loud, others prayer quietly. Some pray on their knees, while others in the car or in the shower. We all prayer when trouble comes, and victories are won. Prayer is not a mystery, just a simple talk with God. A moment to confess, praise, thank, or supplicate. One thing is for sure prayer changes situations and people.

During this journey, Wade, the-truck-drive-turned-writer, suggested not just happy prayers but deep psalmist prayers. Sharla of catnipolife, has blogged prayers from day one, and posted the journey on several social media outlets. Her followers stop by with praises and amens. Several Facebook friends have hit the thumbs up button, and commented with prayers.

In turn, God has moved my heart to post prayers on Facebook status, instead of hitting the like button, for when two or more are gathered in his name stuff happens.

On this seventh day of the prayer journey, I am calm andI feel less anxious about all that I believe I’m suppose to accomplish.

What about you?

6 thoughts on “Faithwalk: Has Prayer Changed You?

  1. Lord, I have just begun a journey on which only you can lead me. Give me the strength to trust you with all my heart, as you know this is your will for my life. I thank you for understanding people you have placed in my life. May they continue to be the blessing you have set them there as. Lord, be my strength, and thank you for Angela’s chronicles, they are a blessing. Amen

  2. This past year I have been on a journey to strengthen my walk with Jesus Christ. I challenged myself to read my Bible at least once a day and have already completed that portion of my journey through its entirety. Now, it has become such a habit I am reading it all over again but not necessarily in chronological order this time. Prayer time is always quiet time for me, especially in the morning and before I retire at night. I am like Ron in my faith but do not ‘preach’ about it so to speak. I do, however, make to point to enlighten someone else’s day through His word!

    • Sharla, When I think of your journey, I think of the Old Testament in which the phrase “an aroma pleasing to the Lord” is repeated. For God can truly say on that day “well done good and faithful servant.”

  3. I pray regularly, but I don’t preach about my faith. However, I appreciate those who do, as long as they don’t try to make me change my faith.

    I wrote this prayer on Yom Kippur after a morning prayer circle ended.

    my palms feel the power of
    your breath expanding the sea of
    your hips, exhale rippling
    your skin like a flying carpet
    I cannot feel
    your hear in this prayer circle –
    does it flex freely
    pulsing in harmonics
    of breath frequency?
    does it radiate,
    a healing sun within you?
    does it sit in you, neutral,
    the waves of breath opening, closing
    like sound and light, little changed by
    an obstacle in a reflecting pool?
    or like mine, does it weigh deeply
    in the field of your breath,
    absorbing, deadening,
    a heat sink wicking away spirit?
    bring with me the void
    the abscess of dark energy that
    burdens us both

    this is my prayer

    Let me breathe every moment of my pain.
    For breath is Godding, and God
    Flows even in black holes.

    Help me to distinguish between
    My ebullient breath,
    The diffracting stones,
    The absorbing wounds.

    Give me wisdom to feel joy
    Coursing through me as breath-spirit
    And to find suffering’s
    Event horizon.

    May I grow to share breath through our touch.
    May I become strong in being Godded,
    That, with time, the power of abnegation will change.

    the power of abnegation
    the power of
    this too is breath

    • Ron, I agree wholeheartedly that people should not try to make others change their faith. If we simply live the life of faith that changes people who have gone astray, God is pleased. Thank you so much for sharing this prayer. I enjoy how it moves from the greatness of God’s breath, to our inner most turmoil, to the wisdom of joy, and help needed to sustain the power of self-denial. I thank God for you, Ron, and this moment of prayer that we share.

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