33 Days of Prayer Journey: Day 10

33 Days of Prayer Journey: Day 10


5 thoughts on “33 Days of Prayer Journey: Day 10

  1. Sorry, Ang. Found over 250 messages in my email today so you can tell I am way, way behind. Even though I may have missed several days of your postings, my daily prayer continues for all who need and seek His guidance. Even if they are not seeking, the need is ever present and prayer for all is uplifted!

    • Sharla, On this journey apologies are not necessary. For you are doing God’s will and I’m most appreciative for your diligent prayers even if you have not posted. I laugh at our relationship, one post, one blog, one like, one comment and we have been bonded through prayer. God is amazing and humorous. I continue to pray for you and that your words inspire, encourage and bring much joy. Peace my Friend.

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