Faithwalk: Sex, Sex and more Sex

Good title huh? Is this your first visit to angchronicles? Welcome. If you like this post, click to the right and follow this weekly blog. Anyway, every one’s prone to want to know more about sex, who’s having it, or not, or how to make it better or long lasting?

Well, I’m not the expert, nor do I have advice. Except to say while sitting in the pew at a church anniversary celebration on Sunday, for a minute, my mind was not focused on the songs, worship or God but sex. Inside this place, babies, children and couples overflowed. I haven’t seen so many men, young and old, in the House of God, ever.

As I glanced around the church, I thought about the intimate dialogue between men and women bringing to mind a quip from the morning’s sermon, which became Monday morning’s prayer.  Are we like wildebeest running, running, running forgetting our focus when we stop? Sometimes, I am a wildebeest. When I stop, I lose my focus.

Here’s what happened. On Saturday, my day began at 3 a.m., studying for the GRE. At 11 a.m., a two and a half hour workshop, then an hour walk, lunch, a mani-pedi, and then the supermarket. Upon returning home, at 8 p.m., put groceries away, prepped Sunday dinner, vacuumed, completed three loads of laundry, and cleaned the living room: books and papers scattered everywhere.

Sunday morning, I woke at 6:25 a.m. to dice and season potatoes and fish. Then headed off to 8 a.m. worship service, afterwards drove eight miles north to Sunday School and another worship service. At 1:00 p.m., I headed home to cook dinner for my guest, who would arrive by 2:15. Upon her arrival, we prayed, fellowshipped, laughed and dined. Then within 15 minutes, I put away the food, washed pots and pans, loaded the dishwasher. My friend was not allowed to help, only to sit and be served. Off we went to the 3:30 p.m. church celebration.

The moment I stopped, and looked around taking note of the men and the babies in the house, I thought of my own sweetheart, 3,000 miles away. For that minute, dreamland: when will he propose, where will we have the wedding, how fun to look for a house, then make that house a home. Maybe he will not propose. Maybe he’s not the one. God knows I ain’t having no babies. Wildebeest mentality. Running wildly for a short time, then stopping, and forgetting why I began running in the first place.

Unlike the wildebeest, I know why I, sometimes, run wildly, I don’t have to focus on matters at hand: getting a full-time job, wondering which editor or agent will say yes to a book proposal, planning the holidays with or without my girls, and missing the man who is possibly the one.

Why do I torture myself with busyness even on a Sunday? Have I not learned on this journey, day 13, to be still, that prayer changes things, God has given me a small work to do, sometimes things fall apart, and that if I asked God to lead my way, why am I getting fretting.

Thank God, I did bring my thoughts back to worship while sitting in that pew.  This week I plan to be still and wait on the Lord.

What about you? Are you so busy that when you stop, you forget why you were running?

4 thoughts on “Faithwalk: Sex, Sex and more Sex

  1. Ang, of course the title is the hook but oh how you dangled the bait! What a great article and filled with so many different emotional threads while balancing on the actual thread of life. We all at some time run wildly having no idea where we are going or why we are even running. We are too caught up in OUR plans. Here is a tidbit I picked up on a Christian radio station yesterday: don’t look for signs, don’t expect messages, just KNOW it! That is what faith is all about!

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