33 Days of Prayer Journey: Day 17

Dear God, I believe in miracles; in the Bible people were amazed and awed at the miracles performed from the Old Testament to the New. I’m just wondering when will you create a miracle in my life. I’ve heard so many believers rejoice of your goodness, the sticky situations you delivered them from: financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’m waiting for you to rescue me. I want to relax in your presence, but I’m busy thinking and doing things simply to make life work. I need you to show up today. Amen.

2 thoughts on “33 Days of Prayer Journey: Day 17

  1. Ang, HE is there! Don’t ever doubt it. . .Keep the faith! When I feel down, physically or mentally, I just focus on Jesus Christ. HE suffered! My sufferings all of a sudden seem trivial, my heart is no longer heavy and I find peace with Him. My prayers are lifted up for Him to lift your spirits today! Amen.

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