33 Days of Prayer Journey: Day 33

Dear God,

As this prayer journey comes to an end, I thank you for teaching me it is not about me, it’s about saving the lost, encouraging the downtrodden, instilling hope, and living life abundantly in you for all to see, hear, and tell. Father, I prayer that you will answer quickly the calls, cries, pleas, joys and triumphs of those who too have prayed during the 33 Day Prayer Journey. I pray victory and life: Alison, Andrea, Asejah, Catherine, Cherie, Chanel, Carol, Damion, Dawn, Fran, Fonda, Hazel, Johnny, Joan, Katrene, Kiara, Jasymn, Joyce, Leon, Min. Bopela, Michele, Pat, Sabrina, Sara, Sharla, who has posted prayers on angchronicles daily, Sharon, Shontell, Shelli, Tanekqua, Wade, Wanda, prayer warriors who prefer to remain anonymous and those that stop along the way. You know your people, you know their hearts guide them.

Lord, open the hearts of those who don’t have faith, don’t believe in Your power, don’t trust scripture or misuse your word. Amen.