A beautiful true love story

Sometimes a good love story perks up the soul. It reminds us that despite our tragedies, disappointments , and ugliness that we are in this earth to be loved and to love. Enjoy!

Morning Story and Dilbert

Kleenex Alert

See a wonderful YouTube Version at:http://youtu.be/5R8PWX5pU5Q

One day, a young guy and a young girl fell in love.

But the guy came from a poor family. The girl’s parents weren’t too happy.

So the young man decided not only to court the girl but to court her parents as well. In time, the parents saw that he was a good man and was worthy of their daughter’s hand.

But there was another problem: The man was a soldier. Soon, war broke out and he was being sent overseas for a year. The week before he left, the man knelt on his knee and asked his lady love, “Will you marry me?” She wiped a tear, said yes, and they were engaged. They agreed that when he got back in one year, they would get married.

But tragedy struck. A few days after he left, the girl had…

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