The F word


Last week I discovered I was a feminist, and updated my Facebook status as such. One friend indicated my discovery seemed like a bad thing. However, another comment was “I told you, so” and another “lol to Ms. Hooks.” Why hadn’t I embraced this term before is what puzzles me. 

After careful analysis, and more to come I’m sure, here’s a few reasons why I didn’t think I was a feminist:

  • I resigned from my job to be a stay-at-home mom for 13 years.
  • I believe that men are better cooks.
  • I like men and all their manliness, not in terms of doggish and abusive behavior.
  • I like men to treat me like a lady: open the door, buy flowers, and pay when we go on a date.
  • I don’t want to be labeled or categorized.
  • I don’t believe all women, even married women, are prostitutes.
  • When women are violated, men should be castrated.
  • I ‘m a human being.
  • I’m a follower of Christ.
  • The pronoun for God doesn’t need to be a she; I’m grounded in he.

Here’s how I discovered I am a feminist:

  • While at home, my title was momprenuer.
  • Men are quite irritating and thoughtless.
  • I took my maiden name back after the divorce.
  • My mother is constantly trying to marry me off, as I tell her: I’m good right now.
  • I write about women who are independent, strong go-getters.
  • Women should have complete control over their body.
  • When women are violated, men should be castrated. (This applies before the discovery.)
  • I believe in equality.
  • Women cannot have it all: work and family.
  • God made us in his image. References to the Holy Spirit, wisdom “she.”
  • Biblical women who followed Christ were strong, independent, go-getters.
  • And when I look back to childhood, I recall being the only girl who did not dream of marriage and children, I wanted to break the glass ceiling and travel around the country.