I’m back…and it’s time

ImageOne month has passed since I’ve last posted; not because I haven’t had anything to share; I have. I wanted to discuss the tricycle; metaphorically the tricycle represents friendship and the triune God. I aspired to share what it means to label people. I was at an event and noticed it wasn’t until I was introduced as a board member that others reached out to shake my hand. That reminded me of how many times, I’ve been introduced with a label rather than: “This is Angela.” That’s who I am. I also had the inkling to write about fellowship. The discussion evolved with a friend, she wanted to know what was fellowship. Then just last week, I thought ah, attachments. I’d had an idea about how hard it is to let go. This notion was inspired by one of my students. When he saw me get out of my car in the parking lot, he later commented, “Looks like you’ve been in a car derby.” I laughed. He’s right. Even my daughter says the same. I’m attached to my car. We have memories. It’s reliable. It’s loyal. It’s paid in full. I’m not even looking for a replacement. And from attachments, I knew for sure I would spin a post about socks. Can you guess what socks represents? Relationships. My eldest daughter and her best friend were the impetus to this discovery. One young lady doesn’t wear socks, while the other wears mismatched socks. As I listened to the chatter, I realized their socks illustrate their relationships—girl boy stuff. Just a few days ago my daughter answers my text, proudly and loudly: “I don’t need socks.” I’m always wearing socks. I’m attached to my socks. My feet need to be warm or I’m cranky. After careful self-reflection, I’m letting go and replacing those relationships. Self-reflection was another blog post. Looks like I have lots to keep me busy writing and you reading.

However, through the weeks of not posting, thinking about posting, wondering what to post, I’ve decided that’ it’s time for prayer. My reading material has consisted of prayers by poets, writers, teachers, saints and others. Did you know a scholar discovered Flannery O’Conner’s prayer journal? I need a copy of that. It’s one year in her life young adult life—20 years old—while a student in Iowa. The topper was an email about prayer. That’s when I knew it’s time for prayer. We all need prayer for encouragement, patience, discovery, teaching, learning, working, relationships, friendships, attachments, fellowship…just plain old living and breathing. 

I hope you join me for 30 days of Prayer: Dec. 18, 2013-Jan. 18, 2014.