Day 22 of 30 Days of Prayer

Lord, You know how people think my life is so easy. But they don’t know my pain, my struggles. They don’t know what I’ve been through. You know the things I keep to myself. It’s that way with so many of us, we look at people and we judge them, we envy them, we tolerate them. We don’t know their struggles. We don’t know their battles. For each of us have dark moments in our life. All of us are guilty: family and friends, co-workers and neighbors. Why can’t we just love and respect each other for who we are? Why do we have to pretend? Wear those ugly masks; smile when we want to frown. Pretend we’re on the mountaintop when we’re hanging on the edge. I know all things start with me, not others. I pray that we, your people, those that love you, walk with you, talk with you can be more accepting and loving and always remember that when someone’s life is full of joy, full of peace it’s because they’ve let You, Lord, have control. So in the words of TD Jakes and Kirk Franklin’s “911” Father forgive us, we are sorry, we need you, hold us, Jesus, please take control, right now. Now. Amen.