Day 20 of 30 Days of Prayer

Dear God,

Forgive me for not putting my faith in you and obeying what you say. I know when you order my way, plans do not go astray. Help me to stop looking at obstacles and circumstances, and trust Your resources that are more powerful and greater than I can imagine. Give me spiritual eyesight to see you working in my life and when I can’t see it, I will know it is me not God’s power.

Day 17 of 30 Days of Prayer

Lordy, Lordy, it is the third day of 2014. Praise you for all the joy and love, pain and sorrow this year will bring. As I experience the hallelujah and-oh-no-not-again moments, develop my character, give me courage, increase my faith, squash my fears, erase my worries and stay with me. Amen.

Day 16 of 30 Days of Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for the beauty of the day. Friends to laugh with. Family to love. Thank you for the air I breathe. The eyes to see, the ears to hear, a heart of desire. Thank you for dreams, turning dreams into reality, squashing dreams that are worthless. Thank you for carrying me through the storms when things look ugly, I can not laugh, I can not see pass my angst, my heart is broken, and I dream no more. Thank you Father for creating and loving me. Amen.

It’s Prayer Time…

Almighty Father, Today I wait quietly in your presence while my thoughts become silent in the depths of your being. I will not rush this process, because when I hurry my heart is earthbound not focused on you. You are the creator of the entire universe, yet you have made my home in your heart, where you know me most intimately; where you speak to me in holy whispers. Holy Spirit I ask you to quiet my mind so I can hear God’s still small voice within me. Help me to listen as God speaks love and peace to me continually. My heart is tuned to receive these messages of abundant blessing. I lay my request before you Lord, and wait in expectation. Amen.

Day 22 of 33 Days of Prayer

Dear God, We pray for all the fathers, from head to toe: That they will look to you as Lord of his life; they will have the mind of Christ; their eyes will turn from temptation, they will hear your small voice instructing them, their words will be pleasing and kind, they will become courageous and strong in the Lord prosperous and successful, they will love and trust You with their whole heart, You will be their strength, they will enjoy the work You have given them to do, and Lord, that You will order their steps as they walk in Your truth. Happy Father’s Day. Amen.