Day 22 of 30 Days of Prayer

Lord, You know how people think my life is so easy. But they don’t know my pain, my struggles. They don’t know what I’ve been through. You know the things I keep to myself. It’s that way with so many of us, we look at people and we judge them, we envy them, we tolerate them. We don’t know their struggles. We don’t know their battles. For each of us have dark moments in our life. All of us are guilty: family and friends, co-workers and neighbors. Why can’t we just love and respect each other for who we are? Why do we have to pretend? Wear those ugly masks; smile when we want to frown. Pretend we’re on the mountaintop when we’re hanging on the edge. I know all things start with me, not others. I pray that we, your people, those that love you, walk with you, talk with you can be more accepting and loving and always remember that when someone’s life is full of joy, full of peace it’s because they’ve let You, Lord, have control. So in the words of TD Jakes and Kirk Franklin’s “911” Father forgive us, we are sorry, we need you, hold us, Jesus, please take control, right now. Now. Amen.

Day 20 of 30 Days of Prayer

Dear God,

Forgive me for not putting my faith in you and obeying what you say. I know when you order my way, plans do not go astray. Help me to stop looking at obstacles and circumstances, and trust Your resources that are more powerful and greater than I can imagine. Give me spiritual eyesight to see you working in my life and when I can’t see it, I will know it is me not God’s power.

Day 19 of 30 Days of Prayer

Dear God, I want to be part of social change, a rebel like Christ, but God you know as I walk this path folks will make me angry, annoyed, outraged, heated, vexed, and huffy. Don’t let me use anger to fuel my revenge. Don’t let me stay angry. Don’t let me go to bed angry. Don’t let foul or dirty words slip from my mouth. Help me to say what helps, to be sensitive, to forgive as quickly as you forgave me. Amen.

Day 18 of 30 Days of Prayer

Dear God, I pray that this faith we have common keeps showing up in the good things that we do, and that people recognize Christ in all of it, that Your love makes them feel good, and that faith and hope outweighs unbelief and despair. Lord, I pray all that I do reflects all that you’ve done for me — a living, walking, breathing sinner, who tripped and stumbled but did not give up trusting you. Amen.

(Philemon 1:4-10)

Day 16 of 30 Days of Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for the beauty of the day. Friends to laugh with. Family to love. Thank you for the air I breathe. The eyes to see, the ears to hear, a heart of desire. Thank you for dreams, turning dreams into reality, squashing dreams that are worthless. Thank you for carrying me through the storms when things look ugly, I can not laugh, I can not see pass my angst, my heart is broken, and I dream no more. Thank you Father for creating and loving me. Amen.

Day 14 of 30 Days of Prayer

Good Lord, it is the last day of 2013. Only a few hours left in this old year before the new one comes rushing in and I begin to make resolutions that I haven’t even resolved in the old year. Where have the past twelve months gone? Please, God, in the 2014 help me to look at me first before talking about how others should change. Help me to not be so hard on myself for not shedding those extra pounds, forgetting to organize my closet, overspending my budget, eating that pack of cookies, or bag of chips when no one was looking, and for speeding through that red light. Help me to help others, remove the focus from myself and know it’s not all about me. Help me to make the change in this New Year. Amen.