33 Days of Prayer Journey: Day 27 Hurricane Sandy

Dear God,

Thank you for bringing me through last night’s storm. Thank for hearing my prayers each time I asked you to quiet the storm, the winds hushed. I was amazed! All I could do was keep my focus on you, not the possibility of trees falling through my windows, not the possibility of being in the dark, or having to evacuate my home. Lord, thank you for the victory through the storm. You gave me power throughout the night. You gave me peace, for I was not anxious or afraid.

I’m grateful for the friends that sent me a text to see if I was okay. Lord, bless them to know your sweet favor, and how you care for those who love you in the storm and out of the storm, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Lord, I praise you for never leaving me, for never forsaking me, as you say in your Word, which is true and everlasting. Amen. 

33 Days of Prayer Journey: Day 23

Dear God,

Everyone at one time or another has been foolish, disobedient, deceived, and followed their passions and pleasures. There is not one person who has not been hated or hated back, walked around with a chip on their shoulder, or envied another.

I know, I’ve been there, done that, worn the T-shirt. Forgive me when these emotions and reactions rule over Your Word, Your Way, and Your Will. Thank you for your mercy that I’m not destroyed. Your loving-kindness is new every morning. Great is Your faithfulness.