12 Lessons Learned on the 30 Day Prayer Journey

  1. When you think someone needs to change, it’s usually you that needs to change.
  2. Even when you love someone, sometimes you have to let him or her go; this is a result of change.
  3. God wants complete obedience, not hollow obedience.
  4. The Holy Spirit connects the Family of God on all corners of the earth.
  5. Walking by faith means you will fall and stumble and makeImage bad choices; if you trust God, when he picks you up your vision will be clearer and you will stumble less and grow stronger.
  6. When you trust God, He will request the unreasonable, despite the consequences. Here you must return to # 3.
  7. You can’t have a relationship with God if you don’t spend time with Him in worship, read His Word, pray, fellowship with his people. Let’s face it; you can’t have a healthy relationship with anyone if you don’t spend time with him or her.
  8. Not everyone wants to hear about God and his goodness, so you must heed Jesus’s advice “…quietly withdraw. Don’t make a scene. Shrug your shoulders and be on your way; in other words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet” (Matthew 10:12-14 NIV and The Message).
  9. God is waiting for us, all we have to do: ask, seek & knock. Perhaps, a glance at #3, 6, and 7.
  10. You can’t embark on the faithwalk without adversity and suffering. God is testing us. Do we only love Him when it’s all good and rosy? Do we scowl and pout, turn our back when stuff gets tough and makes us uncomfortable?
  11. Be thankful for everything.
  12. Wake up everyday and look for the smallest miracles; be grateful. Thank God for the ups and the downs.

Day 30 of 30 Days of Prayer

Lord, what a journey this has been. Some days I was overjoyed to pray. Other days I was saddened. My heart cried knowing we as a people often push you aside, doubt your Word, grow weary waiting. Thank you for pressing into me on this journey, knowing that prayer, prayer changes everything and everybody. When we pray as a group, as a people, a family of God with sincerity in our hearts not malice or vanity, dark moments brighten, mountains move, fear dissipates, love abounds, compassion flourishes. Lord, I cannot list all the FB, Twitter, Linked In, and WordPress followers who prayed on this journey, but you know each one. You sent a few face to face—in the mall, on special assignment. Thank you for using me to intercede on their behalf. I pray a mighty miracle in their lives. This prayer is Gideon’s fleece—a sign to be sure it was really God’s voice he was hearing and that he understood His directions—a sign that will show everyone that you exist, that you have not forgotten them, that you hear their cries, understand their hopes, and desire them to keep on asking to receive, seeking to find, and knocking until you open doors. And for those who don’t need a sign give them heroic strength and courage to win more souls for You.  We have the victory in Christ. Amen.

I’m back…and it’s time

ImageOne month has passed since I’ve last posted; not because I haven’t had anything to share; I have. I wanted to discuss the tricycle; metaphorically the tricycle represents friendship and the triune God. I aspired to share what it means to label people. I was at an event and noticed it wasn’t until I was introduced as a board member that others reached out to shake my hand. That reminded me of how many times, I’ve been introduced with a label rather than: “This is Angela.” That’s who I am. I also had the inkling to write about fellowship. The discussion evolved with a friend, she wanted to know what was fellowship. Then just last week, I thought ah, attachments. I’d had an idea about how hard it is to let go. This notion was inspired by one of my students. When he saw me get out of my car in the parking lot, he later commented, “Looks like you’ve been in a car derby.” I laughed. He’s right. Even my daughter says the same. I’m attached to my car. We have memories. It’s reliable. It’s loyal. It’s paid in full. I’m not even looking for a replacement. And from attachments, I knew for sure I would spin a post about socks. Can you guess what socks represents? Relationships. My eldest daughter and her best friend were the impetus to this discovery. One young lady doesn’t wear socks, while the other wears mismatched socks. As I listened to the chatter, I realized their socks illustrate their relationships—girl boy stuff. Just a few days ago my daughter answers my text, proudly and loudly: “I don’t need socks.” I’m always wearing socks. I’m attached to my socks. My feet need to be warm or I’m cranky. After careful self-reflection, I’m letting go and replacing those relationships. Self-reflection was another blog post. Looks like I have lots to keep me busy writing and you reading.

However, through the weeks of not posting, thinking about posting, wondering what to post, I’ve decided that’ it’s time for prayer. My reading material has consisted of prayers by poets, writers, teachers, saints and others. Did you know a scholar discovered Flannery O’Conner’s prayer journal? I need a copy of that. It’s one year in her life young adult life—20 years old—while a student in Iowa. The topper was an email about prayer. That’s when I knew it’s time for prayer. We all need prayer for encouragement, patience, discovery, teaching, learning, working, relationships, friendships, attachments, fellowship…just plain old living and breathing. 

I hope you join me for 30 days of Prayer: Dec. 18, 2013-Jan. 18, 2014.


Day 3 of 33 Days of Prayer

Day 3 of 33 Days of Prayer

Dear Lord, You know us. What we think, how we feel, the very word that comes off our lips. People are difficult. Finances are tight. Plans don’t go our way. Sometimes it’s our own fault, while other times you’re teaching us something we have still to learn. Search us, O Lord, know our heart, test us and know our anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in us, reveal it, show us the true way, Your way. Amen.

Faithwalk: Has Prayer Changed You?

ImagePrayer is an absolute must. Some prayer out loud, others prayer quietly. Some pray on their knees, while others in the car or in the shower. We all prayer when trouble comes, and victories are won. Prayer is not a mystery, just a simple talk with God. A moment to confess, praise, thank, or supplicate. One thing is for sure prayer changes situations and people.

During this journey, Wade, the-truck-drive-turned-writer, suggested not just happy prayers but deep psalmist prayers. Sharla of catnipolife, has blogged prayers from day one, and posted the journey on several social media outlets. Her followers stop by with praises and amens. Several Facebook friends have hit the thumbs up button, and commented with prayers.

In turn, God has moved my heart to post prayers on Facebook status, instead of hitting the like button, for when two or more are gathered in his name stuff happens.

On this seventh day of the prayer journey, I am calm andI feel less anxious about all that I believe I’m suppose to accomplish.

What about you?