It’s Time to Pray: 33 Days of Prayer

Have you ever had a nagging feeling that you should do something but continue to procrastinate? Me, too. Last year, I had an idea—33 Day Prayer Journey. Daily, I blogged a prayer and posted it on WordPress, Twitter and Facebook without knowing who would read, or what was the need. These prayers were not all happy, as my friend Wade at said, yet they were prayers from my heart.

During those 33 days, emails and private conversations had been about the prayer journey. “Thanks for those words, I needed that.” All I could say was thank God, I had no clue.

The prayer journey was one of the hardest task I had embarked upon since deciding to say, “I’m a writer”—and then turning it into a profession. Writing is hard, the more I write the harder it gets. Frustration mounts, rejections hurt, yet I keep at it—honing and learning the craft.

Prayer is the same. Sometimes God’s answer is no, not yet, or I have something better—wait. Either answer requires patience and trust. (Patience is not one of my virtues. You know how the adage goes, “God ain’t through with me yet.”) But I can’t stop; I have to keep at it. And I try to continuously prayer like a cascading waterfall. When my eyes open in the morning, at night kneeling, in the afternoon, while driving my car, before a class, or sometimes before, during, and after a phone call, at the altar, in a journal or while walking. Whether it’s five minutes or fifty, a day or a week, I press on.

Like my writing, obstacles get in the way and I don’t stay focused. When I pray, and don’t get what I think I should have, I feel rejected. Still I ask because I’ve realized—after many years­—I have more to learn, I need better preparation, and God actually knows what’s better for me than I do. My mantra has been and always will be, “Anything I have in life that is good, is from God. All the other stuff, I messed up trying to do it on my own.” Whether I write or I pray, I have to make the time.

So, as hemmed and hawed about embarking on a prayer journey, one of my first blog followers, Sharla at, replied to one of my post: Ang, Even though, I have devotionals and bible study, I miss those prayers.

I knew what that meant. Yet, I dilly-dallied. Then, a Facebook friend posted that reading prayers and inspirational quotes on FB was truly a testimony of God’s goodness. Next as I read a few Psalms, all I noticed were prayers, the same thing occurred while reading Marilyn Robinsons’ s novel Gilead and then Howard Thurman’s autobiography With Heart and Head. And finally as listened to Cece Winans last chord “It’s Time to Pray,” for a week, my procrastination ceased.

So, I will embark on another 33-Day Prayer Journey: May 26-June 27.

Join me.

33 Days of Prayer Journey: Day 33

Dear God,

As this prayer journey comes to an end, I thank you for teaching me it is not about me, it’s about saving the lost, encouraging the downtrodden, instilling hope, and living life abundantly in you for all to see, hear, and tell. Father, I prayer that you will answer quickly the calls, cries, pleas, joys and triumphs of those who too have prayed during the 33 Day Prayer Journey. I pray victory and life: Alison, Andrea, Asejah, Catherine, Cherie, Chanel, Carol, Damion, Dawn, Fran, Fonda, Hazel, Johnny, Joan, Katrene, Kiara, Jasymn, Joyce, Leon, Min. Bopela, Michele, Pat, Sabrina, Sara, Sharla, who has posted prayers on angchronicles daily, Sharon, Shontell, Shelli, Tanekqua, Wade, Wanda, prayer warriors who prefer to remain anonymous and those that stop along the way. You know your people, you know their hearts guide them.

Lord, open the hearts of those who don’t have faith, don’t believe in Your power, don’t trust scripture or misuse your word. Amen.

33 Days of Prayer Journey: Day 30

Dear God,

I prayer for faith to believe that you rule the world in truth and righteousness; for faith to believe that if I seek you, you will provide all my needs, for faith that I will not be anxious about tomorrow and continue to believe in your past mercies; for faith that your love grows during these crazy and uncertain times. Amen.

33 Days of Prayer Journey: Day 17

Dear God, I believe in miracles; in the Bible people were amazed and awed at the miracles performed from the Old Testament to the New. I’m just wondering when will you create a miracle in my life. I’ve heard so many believers rejoice of your goodness, the sticky situations you delivered them from: financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’m waiting for you to rescue me. I want to relax in your presence, but I’m busy thinking and doing things simply to make life work. I need you to show up today. Amen.

33 Days of Prayer: Day 2

Lord, How majestic is your creation. Your sun warms the earth, your moon brightens the skies. You send rain  to cleanse and refresh and renew, as well as wind to energize. Thank you for the birds that sing, the butterflies that flutter, the gardens that beautify. Forgive us Lord, for overlooking your creation because our lives are chaotic, we forget to focus on you , we put our trust and hope in the little gods and not You, the Master Creator. Amen