A Prayer of Rest

Dear Lord, I will rest in your presence. I will trust your plans. I will not drive myself crazy working like a racehorse, contemplating the next move, but leaning completely on you.  I will remember when exhausted, you have promised to carry my burdens, make them light.  For Lord, you are sovereign, and your ways are higher than mine. I choose to worship you by resting in peacefully in your Presence. Amen

33 Days of Prayer Journey: Day 17

Dear God, I believe in miracles; in the Bible people were amazed and awed at the miracles performed from the Old Testament to the New. I’m just wondering when will you create a miracle in my life. I’ve heard so many believers rejoice of your goodness, the sticky situations you delivered them from: financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I’m waiting for you to rescue me. I want to relax in your presence, but I’m busy thinking and doing things simply to make life work. I need you to show up today. Amen.