Watching and Waiting

I’m in the season of waiting and watching. Waiting for the cold days to become warm, the bare trees to blossom.


During these moments, I am anxious and excited, knowing the winter is a time of death for something in my life to come to an end. Perhaps a relationship I thought was worth pursuing, a job, a book idea, even a sinful habit.

Now spring is in full bloom–a time for new beginnings. I am filled with fresh hope and vibrancy like the buds and blossoms brightening the days.


As I watch buds open, flowers bloom and pedals fall, I expect good things to lie ahead because this spring, which seemed to take a long time coming, is the opportunity to see God initiate new things in not only me, but all who believe.

Are you watching and waiting?

No resolutions for the new year

ImageResolutions for the New Year: none, nada, rien,
That’s right. I’m not vowing to lose weight, eat healthier, budget my finances, organize my home, go to church more, read the bible daily, or  keep in touch with more friends and family.
That was 2010, 2011, and 2012 resolutions. If I haven’t made progress by now, resolving to do those things in 2013 is a waste of energy and sure to cause depression.
Instead, I plan to be me living footloose and fancy free with a ton of fun in my bones.
In the words of Alicia Keys… This girl is on FIRE!
In the paraphrased words of  Ecclesiastics 3, 2013 is time to birth something new, a time to heal, to build, to laugh, to dance, to embrace, to love, and a time for peace, a time to be silent and a time to speak.
…there is nothing better  than for us to be happy and to do good while  we live.
So let’s eat, drink, and find satisfaction in all our work and play.  This is the gift of God; the only resolution for me today, tomorrow, forever.