Day 30 of 30 Days of Prayer

Lord, what a journey this has been. Some days I was overjoyed to pray. Other days I was saddened. My heart cried knowing we as a people often push you aside, doubt your Word, grow weary waiting. Thank you for pressing into me on this journey, knowing that prayer, prayer changes everything and everybody. When we pray as a group, as a people, a family of God with sincerity in our hearts not malice or vanity, dark moments brighten, mountains move, fear dissipates, love abounds, compassion flourishes. Lord, I cannot list all the FB, Twitter, Linked In, and WordPress followers who prayed on this journey, but you know each one. You sent a few face to face—in the mall, on special assignment. Thank you for using me to intercede on their behalf. I pray a mighty miracle in their lives. This prayer is Gideon’s fleece—a sign to be sure it was really God’s voice he was hearing and that he understood His directions—a sign that will show everyone that you exist, that you have not forgotten them, that you hear their cries, understand their hopes, and desire them to keep on asking to receive, seeking to find, and knocking until you open doors. And for those who don’t need a sign give them heroic strength and courage to win more souls for You.  We have the victory in Christ. Amen.

Faithwalk: Has Prayer Changed You?

ImagePrayer is an absolute must. Some prayer out loud, others prayer quietly. Some pray on their knees, while others in the car or in the shower. We all prayer when trouble comes, and victories are won. Prayer is not a mystery, just a simple talk with God. A moment to confess, praise, thank, or supplicate. One thing is for sure prayer changes situations and people.

During this journey, Wade, the-truck-drive-turned-writer, suggested not just happy prayers but deep psalmist prayers. Sharla of catnipolife, has blogged prayers from day one, and posted the journey on several social media outlets. Her followers stop by with praises and amens. Several Facebook friends have hit the thumbs up button, and commented with prayers.

In turn, God has moved my heart to post prayers on Facebook status, instead of hitting the like button, for when two or more are gathered in his name stuff happens.

On this seventh day of the prayer journey, I am calm andI feel less anxious about all that I believe I’m suppose to accomplish.

What about you?